Frozen Yogurt Bark

Now that the weather is finally getting better in New Orleans, I can finally start working with cold foods again. This is a recipe I was wanting to try for a while and my little requested healthy desserts so this seemed like a good of as any. My house is currently obsessed with this and I think we will continually have new batches in our freezer until we leave for summer. What I like most about this is how simple it is and that this can even be made in dorm rooms. Also the ingredients are so easy to change up based on personal preferences.


How to:

  1. Line a cake pan with wax paper, making sure all the sides are covered too.
  2. Pour in yogurt and spread evenly throughout the pan.
  3. Sprinkle on granola and your fruit of choice. (Optional to add chia seeds). Make sure to pat lightly on these toppings so they freeze into the yogurt.
  4. Freeze overnight or until hard.
  5. Enjoy!

Optional: When serving add peanut butter or honey.

This is one of the easiest desserts I have ever made. As I mentioned earlier you can change out certain types of ingredients such as doing plain yogurt or any flavor your heart desires. When serving make sure to leave out for at least 10 minutes so its easy to bite into.



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