Review: Square Organics

Being a college student, I am always looking to find quick, yet healthy, snacks. I came across Square Organics on Instagram and they so graciously sent me a box to try out. I received the six products above which included three crisps in toasted coconut, vanilla cashew and chocolate sea salt. I also received three chocolate coated bars in the flavors coconut, cookie dough, and peanut butter.  Their packaging is super fun and I couldn’t wait to give everything a try. I had no expectations since I had never seen them before or heard anything from other bloggers or finds.

What is Square Organics?

Square Organics started when the owner struggled with Asthma her whole life. She went on an anti-inflammatory elimination diet to help control it. This meant no gluten, dairy, soy, animal proteins, or processed sugars. The result? Months of recipes until Square Organics came to be what it is today. They use quality, whole ingredients and added protein in all of their products.


Crisps- These had an interesting texture unlike other protein bars I have every tried. They sort of look like quinoa pilled into a bar. All my housemates liked the texture of these and agreed they are perfect for a daytime snack. The coconut didn’t have much flavor but chocolate sea salt crisp was a fan favorite. It has similar taste to the coconut but with a ton more flavor.

Chocolate Coated Bars- These are basically a chocolate lovers dream. Anyone with a sweet tooth would love this line of products and all my housemates agreed it would be better as a night time treat. I am typically a HUGE peanut butter fan but my favorite flavor was the coconut. This was odd to me because although I like coconut I typically prefer other flavors and like it only in small dosages. However, the chocolate coated coconut was a fan favorite among my entire house.


Overall, I wasn’t crazy about the crisps but I would definitely recommend trying the chocolate coated bars if you have a sweet tooth. Our house favorite was the chocolate coated coconut and I’d recommend giving this flavor a try first. I also haven’t tried their popcorn line but am interested to see how those taste as well.Coconut_new_-01_96c0df06-02ff-48ea-9c00-c8f775038058_900x

For a full review of Square Organics, check out my Instagram “Product Reviews” saved story. Let me know your thoughts on square organics below!

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