2018 Holiday Gift Guide

Hi guys! As some of you requested I came up with a last minute holiday wishlist in case you were in need of some gift ideas (or maybe even something for yourself). Most these items I recently bought and love, or I’ve had my eye on. Click on the images to shop the items. Hope its helpful!


1. Free People- All Dolled Up Top

I bought this over the thanksgiving break and love the way it looks. Its so versatile and the color makes it easy for day to night.


2. Free People- Nodia Mini Dress

I bought this dress over the summer and it was probably my favorite purchase. I love the coloring and the flattering shape. I pair this with a white tee underneath for a more everyday vibe.


3. Forever 21- Satin Leopard Skirt

I have been wanting a skirt like this for forever so its on my actual wishlist. The price is amazing and I love the length. I’ll probably be buying this for myself in the next week.

Screen Shot 2018-12-19 at 11.09.04 PM

4. American Eagle- AE Chunky Cable Knit Pullover

I just bought this in blue and love it. While the blue isn’t on the website anymore, I think the rest of the colors are cute as well and I love the length, its perfect for tucking into jeans. Also they are all on sale!


5. Madewell- Cali Demi Boot Jeans 

I have yet to own a pair of made well jeans but I love borrowing them from my friends. They are so well made, and flattering on all shapes and sizes.

Screen Shot 2018-12-19 at 11.17.18 PM

6. Outdoor Voices- 7/8 Springs Legging

I am absolutely in love with these leggings. They are a fool proof way to look super cute while being comfortable at the gym or on the go. They also make matching crop tops that complete the look. Plus, I have a $20 off an $100 purchase, just click the picture below!


7. Wear Lively- The Geo Lace

This bra is either on me or in my hamper, it never makes it into the drawer and therefor I’ll be ordering more in different colors. I have a larger chest and usually have a hard time with bralettes but this one is perfect and fully covers. You can even use code “AMB-sydsinspiration” for $10 off your order.


Home Goods

1. Healthy Human- Water Bottle and Sports Cap

I am in love with this water bottle. Full disclosure they sent this to me HOWEVER it was fully my choice to include it in this because I don’t think I’ve loved a water bottle more. Not only are the bottles cute and made well, the alternative top has made it so easy to drink it on the go and during high intensity workouts.

Screen Shot 2018-12-20 at 12.48.52 AM


2. Society Six- Pinky Promise Print

I was looking to redecorate my bedroom and I wanted something simple yet fun to look at. I was looking for months and then I came across this and fell in love. I got the 21 by 28 inch (and its on sale!).


3. Letter Board

Ever wonder how I make my inspirational quote pictures? Well this is it. I think this is the perfect gift because who wouldn’t love having this as some extra room decoration, plus its customizable.


4. Betsy’s Best- Cinnamon Almond Butter

This almond butter is my absolute favorite. It pairs well with everything and satisfies my sweet tooth. It makes the perfect gift for a nut butter lover and since its on amazon it will come in time for the holidays!


5. Oil Diffuser

This is the exact one I have in my room. I bought it because I loved the coloring and the modern shape. Its also a great price point because these can get very expensive. Also, you can put a timer on it or change the light.


6. Air Fryer 

I’ve been eyeing air fryers on amazon for months. While I haven’t gotten it yet, its on my wishlist because it seems lie the perfect addition to my cooking appliances, especially since its a healthier alternative because it uses less oil to cook. I like this one because of how sleek it looks.


Skin Care

1. Marley’s Monsters- Facial Rounds

I cannot even begin to explain my love for these rounds. I got these over the summer and they are still in amazing condition. It makes me so happy to be using a product that works so well and helps save the planet. They also make great stocking stuffers. Use code “sydsinspiration” to get 15% off.


2. Primally Pure- Geranium Deodorant

This summer I made the conscious effort to switch over to all natural products. The hardest switch was finding the right deodorant. Primally pure exceeded my expectations and works perfectly, I never run into any issues or deodorant scares. And, makes the perfect stocking stuffer! Use code “sydsinspiration” for 10% off your first order.


3. Primally Pure- Geranium Complexion Mist

Like mentioned above I switched over to all natural products this summer. Primally Pure sent me some of the favorite products and besides the deodorant I fell in love with this complexion mist. I use this mist everyday and it has become my favorite part of my skin care routine. I at first, didn’t think a mist was capable of much but this leaves my skin looking so fresh and moisturized and is like a spa in a bottle. Use code “sydsinspiration” for 10% off your first order.


4. Cocokind- Organic Chia Facial Oil

I recently bought this a few weeks ago. I had it completely replace my moisturizer as it works so well and leaves my skin feeling hydrated. All you have to do is put three drops on your face and blend it into your skin. This brand I love (if you don’t already realize) because of their simple and organic ingredients.


5. Cocokind- Raspberry Vinegar Toner

Before Cocokind I really lacked in the skin care department. I never did anything but use cleanser in the shower. This product has been amazing at reducing my redness and preventing acne. Plus like the other product they use simple all natural ingredients.



1. Alexander Mcqueen- Skull Wallet

I had my eye on this wallet and I decided to finally buy it for my best friend as her graduation present. Its the perfect gift for those who are transitioning into real life jobs and need to have a professional looking cardholder. I bought hers from ssence but I found another one on farfetch in a good price point!


2. ALV Jewels- Rainbow Pave Huggie Hoops

I bought this for myself during their Black Friday sale. I had been wanting these for months and ever since they came I haven’t been able to take them off.


3. Dr. Martens- Women’s 1460 Nappa Boots

I’ve been wanting a pair of these for months. You heard it here first they are definitely back in style. I finally decided to buy it after my grandma sent me some holiday money and this is they style I bought. They are all very similar but I loved these because of the silver metal eyelets.

Screen Shot 2018-12-20 at 12.09.30 PM

For the guy in your life

1. Bluetooth Headphones

I think bluetooth headphones make the perfect gift. These are at a lower price point but there are so many options available. They are perfect for running or being at the gym by making it easier to enjoy your workout without having to worry about where to keep your phone while still listening to music.


2. Lululemon- Metal Vent Short Sleeve Shirt

I have a very similar version in the women’s style and I love it. Lululemon makes such good quality clothes that last forever. This style is so simple making it easy for anyone to like.



Hope you guys enjoyed this gift list! If you want more inspiration check out my favorite products page here.  Hope you guys have a happy holidays!!

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