10 Things I’m Loving for Summer

  1. Krewe Sunglasses


I’ve been obsessing over Krewe sunglasses for a few years but haven’t been able to bring myself to spend that kind of money on sunglasses. I knew I wanted to get myself a pair as a graduation present and with their annual sale I was able to afford two new pairs of sunglasses from them. Being a New Orleans brand these sunglasses hold such a great meaning to me and make me think back to my college life every time I wear them. Their annual sale is normally in May but you may be able to find cheaper pairs online!

2. Montce Swimsuit


Normally, I buy my swimsuits pretty cheap from Target and have noticed I don’t love them as much as next year rolls around. I wanted to buy myself an investment bikini that would not only motivate me to look my best, but also allow me to feel my best! While in a Nola boutique I came across a Montce Bikini and fell in love. While it was a little pricey (let be honest this is pretty expensive) I think it fits my body and would fit every body perfectly. The bottoms hug in all the right ways without hugging too tight. I definitely recommend trying it on for yourselves because you’ll fall in love!

3. Primally Pure Complexion Mist


Me obsessing over a product from Primally Pure is nothing new. I use so many of their products on a daily basis as their skincare is a staple in my routine. The Primally Pure Complexion Mist is perfect to keep in larger bags on hot summer days to give your face a cool down and refresh! Its hard to explain exactly why this is so amazing but I like to think of it as “a spa in a bottle”.

4. Metal Straw and Tumbler


A few months ago Healthy Human reached out offering to send me some of their eco friendly products. I instantly fell in love with their water bottle and still use it daily. For the summer though, I am so excited to get more use out of the tumbler and metal straw. They gave me a coupon code to share with you all so that everyone can use their amazing eco friendly products at 10% off [SADDIS10]. I’ll definitely be buying another tumbler to switch up the colors!

5. Brunch at Maison Marcel


Maison Marcel is one of the most aesthetically pleasing restaurants I have ever eaten in. When you step inside you transport to a bohemian oasis in the middle of Chicago. So far everything I’ve ordered from here is amazing and its a great spot to do some work in. They have outdoor seating but also leave their door wide open during those warmer days.

6. Ice Roller


Thank you to my best friend Allie, for introducing me to this ice roller. It is sooo cheap and such an easy way to cool off on those hotter days. I use mine post workout, or in the morning. The coldness helps wake me up while brightening up my skin. Or post-workout helps me cool off! I bought this one off Amazon.

7. Organic Self-Tanner


I’ve raved about this product before on my blog but it seriously is the best self tanner out there. I am not good at these types of things and am normally left with streaks and uneven patched but for some reason this product is so easy to use since you just apply it like lotion. I like using this anytime I have an event coming up so that I feel and look my best!

8. Aritzia Babaton Tank


I go through tops so quickly, so this summer I am working on filling my closet with a few basic staples. While this may look like just a white tank, I have never worn a top that feels so comfortable while perfectly shaping my body. I don’t even need to wear a bra! Additionally, the material is nice enough that is perfect for dressier occasions like rooftop drinks! In general, I think Aritiza has a lot of great closet staple pieces and is worth checking out.

9. Dry Bar Dry Shampoo


Huge shoutout to my college roommate for introducing me to Dry Bar Dry Shampoo. I used to get away with just using hers every now and again but now with my dark hair and the small fact we no longer are college students, it makes it a little hard to keep using hers. I decided to buy the brunette one on Amazon which blends in perfectly with my hair and even helps darken my roots to better match the dye color. It also does a great job at being dry shampoo. 10/10 would recommend.

10. Charlie Holiday Floral Skirt


I am so happy that I came upon this skirt while browsing the racks in Bloomingdales. At the time, they were having a 20% off discount so I tried it on despite it being slightly out of my budget and boy did I fall in love with this skirt. Its the perfect summer staple and I cannot wait to wear it in Madrid next year as it brings out my inner flamenco dancer

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