How I make $$ on Instagram

Hey guys! I asked and you voted. I wasn’t surprised by how many of you were interested in seeing how I profited off my Instagram, mostly because I often wonder the same for other influencers I follow. I thought this post was necessary because honestly, I’ve felt like many people I follow haven’t been too genuine in the posts they are putting out. Being an influencer myself, I have somewhat of an idea of the money making motifs behind these posts, especially when their instagram is their only source of income but still think its important to be 100% transparent. For example, an account I love shares these health vitamins she takes every morning. I finally inquired about them to find out they are a part of a scheme to make money while also selling other services. Once finding out she shares the pills just so that you buy into her program, I honestly felt mislead and uncomfortable. Another example is seeing influencer’s posting about things so far removed from their image. Usually its because they have something to gain.

When I started this blog abroad, I had no idea the growth it would have and sometimes its easy to loose sight about why I started it in the first place. For me, it was a place to document my growth, as well an help and encourage others to do the same. I never intended it to be a source of income and being that it has turned into it, I want to make sure I am staying true to who I am. To start, I am not the type to just post something for money if I had never used it before. In fact, I don’t accept any offers to post something in exchange for money. Instead, I ask to be paid in kind, meaning free product in exchange for exposure on my stories. In this method I am not making anything but rather saving money by getting to try products for free. 90% of the items I get are paid in kind. I personally think this keeps my account genuine and with relevant content. With that being said, I often turn down 50% of companies who ask to send me something. I only say yes to companies that I would actually buy myself because why waste their time and your time on something that I wouldn’t buy for myself? If I wouldn’t spend my money I shouldn’t encourage you guys to spend yours. Sometimes I reach out to companies as well if its a product that I am interested in trying and think you guys would enjoy learning about. Its all a give and take system and I don’t think it works unless all parties can benefit (myself, you guys, and the company).

On the other hand there are some companies I affiliate with that I earn a commission based on sales. This can be tracked either through specific links or promo codes. While being paid for sales is obviously nice, I genuinely support the products and have been buying them with my own money for months before they reached out to me about joining the team. So when you see a story or a post about a product I earn commission on, know that I am only showing and promoting these products because I use them, I love them, and I know you guys will love them too.

Instagram isn’t my main source of income and what I earn is honestly pretty low. I find this to be the best way to approach my account because it is my passion and enjoyment and doing it just for money ruins the fun of it. Instead, I work a 40 hour week as a marketing manager for an amazing real estate company. This is where 95% of my income comes from and I think it keeps my account genuine and relatable.

Below I’ll keep an updated list of companies I am paid in kind with (everyone I ever said yes to) and companies I earn commission with. If you have any more questions, feel free to reach out!

In kind:

Banza, Cece’s Veggie Co., Marleys Monster’s, Eat Fronen, Siete, the Pagel, Charlottes Web CBD, Betsey’s Best, CBD Rethink, Petal, Quevos, Healthy Human, Super Coffee, W3ll People, Square Organics, Cycle Bar River North, Conscious Coconut, Brew Dr., Pokeworks Metairie, Eat Enlightened, Grassroots Harvest CBD, and Matchabar.


Primally Pure, Hu Kitchen, and Amazon.

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