2019 Holiday Gift Guide

2019 Holiday Gift Guide

After going back and forth about making a holiday gift guide I took it to Instagram polls to see what your thoughts were. Since so many of you voted for me to make a gift guide, I decided to write this with a purpose: to help you think more sustainability while doing your holiday gift shopping.  Making conscious choices when buying gifts is not only great for our planet but it probably ensures this gift will be used and treasured constantly. I hope you guys enjoy this guide and find it useful!

For the Beauty Gurus

1. Marleys Monsters Facial Rounds: $16


It has been over a year and a half of me using these facial rounds and they are still in amazing condition. Before having these reusable rounds I would use and throw away over 1,095 cotton rounds a year! Obviously we all need this in our lives and cleaning is so easy, just throw in the washer/dryer. 

2. Primally Pure Facial Mist*: $24


I first found out about Primally Pure when my bestie recommended them to me. I was really interested so I reached out and they were beyond generous and sent me a huge package full of goodies. This was probably the item I excepted to use the least and to put it simply- that couldn’t be farther from the truth. I have rebought this item countless numbers of times because I truly use it every single day. Time to spoil your bestie (and yourself) to an at home spa day! Bonus… use code “SYDSINSPIRATION” for 15% off your order!

3. Cocokind Skincare Highlighter Trio: $33


Alright guys this brand is the real deal and they recently started adding makeup into their plethora of skincare options. I love this brand for many reasons but to spare you the time I’ll name the top two. 1. The price. Everything is so affordable especially given the ingredients. 2. The owner cares about the earth, and your skin. Every single ingredient has been thought out and is ethically sourced. Meaning… the people who help make their products are getting paid fair wages and working in good conditions. I use them every single day when I do my makeup and they are fool proof.

4. Rahua Body Wash: $30


I actually received this as a gift for my birthday and it has been by far my favorite ethically sourced, all-natural body gel. The price makes it hard to use year round but I definitely love buying this for myself and others for special occasions. I think the palo santo scent is what really gets me.

5. Province + Apothecary Rejuvenating & Hydrating Serum: $26


I first found out about this Canadian brand when I was given a small sample of this product. I was instantly hooked. This serum was so hydrating and left my skin clear and radiant. It is definitely not cheap as the bottle is $26 for a 7ml bottle but beauty doesn’t come cheap!

For the Health and Wellness Nerds

6. Gym Membership Gift Card**: $5+


Now every single gym most likely has a way to e-gift someone money to their studio. This leaves no paper waste and gives the person something that they love doing but can sometimes break their bank. Workout classes aren’t cheap, Soul Cycle comes out to ~$32 a class! But for these health and wellness nerds like myself I couldn’t ask for a better gift. Time to give others the gift of #soul. (Or yourself because Soul Cycle is one of gods best gifts.)

7. Crystals/ Palo Santo Wood: $3+


This gift can be incredibly cheap depending on the crystal you’re buying. I recommend going to your local rock shop and asking the person working their for the certain crystal properties you think this person can benefit from. Anything from money, love, to good health can all be found at really cheap prices. These make great gifts because they can be thoughtful and carried around everywhere. Palo Santo pairs great with some crystals and is perfect for someone who just moved or likes creating new energy in their spaces. My favorite Chicago shops for these items are Humboldt House and Infinitus.

8. Saje Essential Oil Holiday Kit: $65


This is one of those gifts I’ve been wanting for a while but haven’t ever bought for myself. A.k.a fam if you’re reading this, take note. While it is a little pricey, these oils are well sourced and completely clean. This gift is also perfect for someone who is just starting to get into the health and wellness world as they have so many uses.

9. Cooking Class: $69+


This gift is perfect for a girls night or a romantic evening for you and your bae. It is a fun way to learn new skills while also being rewarded some delicious food that you cooked yourself! They have tons of different options for the classes so there is something for every type of eater. Your town may have different options but I’ve taken a class at Our La Table and loved it!

10. Manduka Yoga Mat: $62


I bought this mat in April and it is by far my favorite yoga mat for hot yoga. It is a zero post-industrial waste mat made from sustainably harvested, 25% recycled tree rubber and plant fiber. It also has no toxic materials (you’d be surprised how many do) and given the recycled fibers, provides amazing grip during a hot yoga class.

11. Stasher Bag Bundle: $66

Screen Shot 2019-11-25 at 6.15.17 PM.png

I cannot rave about these reusable baggies enough. I bought my first one a few weeks before coming to Spain and they are constantly being used. The best part is they are perfect for people who are lazy like myself! They can be cleaned in the dishwasher, microwaved and even baked in the oven. I mean… being sustainable and lazy don’t usually fit in the same sentence. I love this as a set but if you are gifting on a budget the individual bags are definitely very affordable!

12. Hu Chocolate Bars*: $25-60


There isn’t a product I don’t love from Hu Kitchen. My favorite (obviously) are their chocolate bar. I actually tried them when I was vegan as they were one of few bars that contain no milk products and still taste beyond phenomenal. I usually buy them at Whole Foods and they make the perfect gift to bring along to a holiday dinner to thank the hostess. Bonus… if you buy online you’ll get 10% off with code “SYDSINSPIRATION”. My favorite bar is the cashew butter and raspberry jelly. Online you can buy 4 for $25 or 12 for $60. I’d go with the second option that way you can gift some and keep the rest for yourself. Click here for the Amazon link and here for their website link.

13. Plant Subscription Box: $12+

Air Plant Box.jpg

I love this idea so much and it definitely caters to certain types of people. How great would it be to gift someone something that is proven to make them happier in their day to day lives? Plus it doubles as house decor!


For the Technology Lovers

14. Sony- Cyber Shot Camera: $300


For quite some time now I’ve been wanting a high quality camera while traveling and taking food pictures. It has always seemed a little too pricey for me but there is one I’ve had my eye on as it allows for videos, a flipped screen, and is super small and lightweight. This year I decided to splurge on the newest iPhone instead for taking my pictures but I’ll probably be buying a nice camera like this in 2020.

15. Air Fryer: $95


I’ve been wanting an Air Fryer for years now but knowing that I am constantly moving city to city, I felt like it wasn’t responsible to buy something so expensive I knew I’d have to quickly sell. However, when the day comes when I settle down, an air fryer is first on my list. They make cooking pretty much anything a breeze and can even be healthier because less oil is needed.

16. Beats Wireless Headphones: $80 (holiday sale price!)


These are honestly life changing. I was always reluctant to pay so much for headphones but these are amazing and I don’t regret a thing. I love this specific pair because they come with different ear size options, are the squishy kind, and completely noise cancels. It is perfect for traveling or long commutes to work.

17. Make a Playlist: $0


Well I am not sure I can technically put this on the list but I thought I would provide a free option that is still acceptable to gift. I absolutely love getting personally picked playlists made (throwback to my first love). There is something just so heart warming about listening to music meant for you to hear.

For the Fashionistas

18. LHLL Cropped Sweats*: $98


Well I am a little biased with the reason for purchasing these sweats as my cousin owns and runs this company (#womansuportingwoman). However, I am not biased in the fact that I choose to wear these every single day of my life. I have them in black and grey and while they are not the cheapest sweatpants on the market, you will get every fricken penny worth. I promise. Her brand is on the up and up and becoming a LHLL groupie now makes you cool by association when you’re the first of your friends to own a piece.  If you needed more convinving Bella Hadid has been spotted in some LHLL. Bonus… you can use code “syd10” for 10% off your order.

19. Lululemon Long Sleeve Shirt: $78


We all know at this point Lululemon makes the best pieces but is definitely an investment. I’ve had their long sleeve shirt for about eight years now and it looks brand new so I recently bought it in black too. I promise this is worth the splurge as it will last forever. I got mine oversized because I like the look and it makes it more likely to fit for a longer period of time. Plus this is a great gender neutral gift!

20. Alexander McQueen Black Skull Card Holder: $126


I gifted myself this last holiday season and I pretty much use it every day. I love that it is a simple black card holder with the awesome skull detail. Its easy to grab and go and have everything you need in one small convenient place. Definitely not cheap but will the quality is made to last a lifetime.

21. Dr. Martens: $140


I mean everyone on earth knows what these iconic boots are so there isn’t much I can add besides the fact they make anyone look cool in 2 second and will be in your closet until the day you die. Bonus: they have vegan options for those interested.


I hope you enjoyed my gift guide! Before you go I also want to point out that what you gift the item in can be sustainable as well. From a reusable tote bag, to recycled newspaper it is really easy to wrap these up sustainably.


Thanks for reading,

xoxo Syd


*  affiliate links: I’ll be paid a commission for any person buying from this link

** referral code: I’ll be given some sort of points toward this product when a person buys using this link






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