Favorite Products

As some of you know I have chosen to become an ambassador for a few companies. Not only do I stand behind these companies but I absolutely love their products. Being an ambassador allows me to prioritize certain companies over others AND provide you guys with awesome insight and discounts. My favorite products are listed below!

Primally Pure: I like to keep my routine simple. Simple in ingredients and simple in application. If they aren’t easy to apply then chances are I will never use them. One of my favorite companies is primally pure. They are all nature, simple in ingredients and can be used daily.

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Geranium Deodorant
Primally Pure Complexion Mist






Wear Lively: Bras have always been a hassle for me. They were either too big, too tight or just plain uncomfortable. Wear Lively has helped to break this pattern by producing a wide variety of bras with EVERY body shape in mind. My absolute favorites are below.

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The Long-Lined Lace Bralette
The Geo Lace Bralette






Betsy’s Best: I eat nut butters every day. I have tried so many companies in the health and wellness world (once I learned hoe processed brands like Jiff) and this has been by far my favorite. Betsy’s cinnamon almond butter is to die for and I literally use every last drop in the jar.

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ClassPass: I love working out but I absolutely need to change things up to keep me engaged and actually interested. Otherwise working out seems like more of a chore to me. In March I found out about ClassPass and have been using this app ever since to book different types of workout classes around town. The best part is that is ideal for people who travel since you are able to sign up for classes in other cities. Heres the deal… I pay $70 (yes I actually pay) a month to workout at different studios in the area. This gives me 60 credits towards classes, each class ranging from ~6-8 credits.

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Marleys Monsters: I already wrote a whole post about why I love these which you can find here. If you are lazy (like myself) here is the jist. These reusable cotton rounds are such an easy way to tap into a sustainable lifestyle without needing to change your routine. They wash so easily in the washer and dryer and come out clean every time. This has helped prevent me from throwing out hundreds of cotton rounds! I also think they remove more makeup compared to ordinary cotton pads and don’t leave annoying fuzz on your face. Its a win for your bank account, the earth and your face.

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